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Now available at no charge for up to 50 endpoints*

*Maximum 10TB; assumes approximately 200GB per user

Aparavi File Protect & Insight Puts You in Control

Only Aparavi can provide you with the secure protection and long-term retention of your data while also giving you insights into what’s important.

Data Awareness

Data Awareness

Data classification

Metadata aggregation

Policy driven workflows

Global security

Global Security

Role-based permissions

Encryption both in-flight and at rest

File versioning

Data access search

Data Search and Access

Anywhere/anytime file access

Seamless cloud integration

Full-content search

Converged Data Protection & Retention with Secure Open Access

  • Data intelligent: View, access, and perform full-content searches of your files regardless of their location
  • On-prem and multi-cloud: Connect with files on-premises and with public cloud services
  • Policy-driven copy management: Create one or more copies on-premises, in the cloud, or both, for policy-driven copy management
  • Maximum security: Data is always protected, both in-motion and at-rest with file encryption
  • Storage optimization: Optimize data storage with compression and de-duplication

Massive Growth in Remote Workers?

Protect and Gain Insight Easily

Fully Automated with Fast Recovery
Data Awareness to Identify Risk Averse Data

Fully Automated with Fast Recovery

Ransomware Recovery in Minutes

Data Awareness to Identify Risk Averse Data

“The business driver for this was to absolutely, positively ensure that we had immutable data for the time required. It was a no-brainer to add Aparavi for this purpose.”

Jonathan Schwam
CEO, Core82 – Information, Assurance, Compliance, and Cybersecurity Services


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Market Report: Unstructured Data Management for the Cloud Era

by GigaOm Analyst Enrico Signoretti

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File protection

The best file protection available

  • Native multi- and hybrid cloud support
  • Fast and easy deployment
  • Single view of all data sources and status
  • Near instant data recovery
  • Automated ransomware alerts and defense

With Aparavi Data Awareness for intelligence and insight

  • Easy file classification based on both file content and metadata
  • Fast full-content search for any data anywhere
  • Search results returned without cloud access to avoid egress fees
Data awareness
Data security

And the ultimate security for peace of mind

  • Files encrypted in-motion at at-rest
  • File access controlled with role-based permissions
  • File versioning for historical control
  • Published data format means no vendor lock in forever
  • Activity monitored and reported to stop ransomware attacks quickly

E-Book: Modernizing Unstructured Data Protection and Management

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Working Across a Multi-Cloud Ecosystem

Aparavi certified clouds