File Retention and Cloud Archive

Intelligent File Retention and Cloud Archive

Aparavi File Protect & Insight delivers simple and secure long-term file retention with Data Awareness so you know exactly what and where your data is.

Organizations struggling to manage large volumes of files while enforcing lifecycle retention or governance need Aparavi.

Long-term File Retention Challenges

Organizations are keeping their files longer and in many cases indefinitely, presenting challenges such as:

  • Managing file growth across storage
  • Enforcing file lifecycle retention policies
  • Maintaining all the tools for file management without extensive training

Only Aparavi FPI Delivers Intelligent File Retention with Insight

  • Data Awareness: View, access, and full-content search your files regardless of their location
  • On-prem and multi-cloud: Connect with files on premises and with public cloud services
  • Policy-driven copy management: Create one or more copies on-premises, in the cloud, or both, for policy-driven copy management and ransomware protection
  • Maximum security: Ensure that your data is always protected with file encryption, both in-motion and at-rest
  • Storage optimization: Optimize data storage with compression and deduplication

Solutions Brief: Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Adoption

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Simple, Secure File Retention: Automate Lifecycle Retention Policies and Gain Visibility into File Content

Aparavi FPI has helped hundreds of companies securely retain, organize, classify and protect their files. Let Aparavi show you today’s best practices for long-term file protection, retention, and insight.

Data Awareness

Data Awareness

Data classification

Metadata aggregation

Policy driven workflows

Global security

Global Security

Role-based permissions

Encryption both in-flight and at rest

File versioning

Data access search

Data Search and Access

Anywhere/anytime file access

Seamless cloud integration

Full-content search

Long term file retention

Long-term File Retention Made Intelligent

  • Simplification: Easy file copy management to archive storage and clouds
  • Insight: Gain visibility into files with Data Awareness
  • Security: Enforce data governance with retention policies
  • Access: Find any files and content wherever it is
  • Mobility: Supports the top public cloud destinations and on-premises storage

Data Awareness™: Visibility and Discovery into Your Files and Their Content

Aparavi FPI automatically scans the file and file systems, extracting information from within the files itself and its related metadata. Files can be classified so they and their content can be searched and files are easily accessed whenever a file or its related data is needed, regardless of where stored. Users gain a global view into their files, file hierarchy, the file access history and the related metadata and attributes.

Data Awareness

Data Awareness

Global security

Global Security

Global Security for the Ultimate Protection

File protection is the heart of Aparavi FPI but never at the cost of vendor lock-in. FPI encrypts files both in-motion (during file transfers) and at-rest (in the target storage). FPI uses a published data format to ensure your data remains “your data” with no vendor lock-in. FPI is constantly monitoring its environment to protect against external and internal threats, and can block suspicious file activity to ensure the right files are only accessible by the right users.

Data Search and Access for Governance and Compliance

Aparavi FPI executes user-defined policies and applies pattern recognition to identify data types, enable deep search, and enforce data governance. Sensitive data can now be easily identified to ensure proper management of personally identifiable information (PII), Health Insurance Privacy and Portability Act (HIPPA), and policies can be applied to support custom pattern recognition for eDiscovery.

Data access search

Data Search and Access

What is Aparavi File Protect & Insight?

Aparavi FPI simplifies long-term file retention while delivering intelligent data management across cloud(s). Files are seamlessly copied and can be classified, extracting rich metadata and even file content that can be globally searched.

Aparavi FPI manages versioning, deduplication and file retention to maximize cost optimization. Files are always protected both in-motion and at-rest with encryption and with a secure permissions-based framework, Aparavi FPI ensures that you can always access your data with no cloud or vendor lock-in.

Aparavi FPI is perfect for long-term retention, compliance, audit, historical reference, fraud prevention, and data protection.