Data Management for Managed Service Providers

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have a unique set of evolving requirements for data management of unstructured data. These requirements include the need to manage ever-expanding volumes of data in a multi-cloud or hybrid environment, as well as support for multi-site and multi-tenancy. MSPs need to help organizations meet regulatory requirements and administer more complex retention policies for multiple clients at multiple sites.

Multi-Site and Multi-Tier

Administrators can identify different sites or tenants to be siloed from one another, within the same solution instance. Clients, data sources, users, storage destinations, along with all the statistics and billing data will be completely separated. This enables MSP to manage customers with multiple sites, and manage multiple customers on a single instance of Aparavi, while delivering the billing and reporting information needed. The architecture facilitates keeping policies, users, and information separated for each customer.

A Better System for Policy Implementation

At each level or tier, a separate, distinct policy can be implemented or inherited from the tier above. For example, when a new appliance is deployed, it’s placed in a container. The container can be a tenant, client, or folder. The policy in effect for that container will be the default for the new appliance.

When agents are installed and connected to an appliance, whatever policy is in effect for the appliance will automatically be in effect for that agent. This ensures that any new machine automatically protects critical data, as an MSP you can rest assured that every new agent deployed is protecting exactly what it needs.

Automation via a Full REST API

Leveraging a full REST API is one way MSPs can gain measurable efficiencies through automation. Everything that can be done through the UI can be done through the API. Activating newly installed appliances, renaming agents, creating users, setting policies on containers, and a variety of other jobs can be seamlessly managed.

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