Mergers & Acquisitions

Accelerate Data Discovery, Integrations and Synergies

Simplify the process of Due Diligence with intelligent automation to help you find the data you are looking for, and the data you didn't know you were looking for.

Simplify Mergers & Acquisitions

Aparavi simplifies due diligence, accelerates data migration and integration, and builds a foundation for ongoing strong data management practices.

Locate Relevant Data

Locate all relevant data across the organization that falls within the scope of an M&A agreement. Search multiple repositories in one user interface, regardless of storage location (core, cloud, or edge).

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Audit Data with Intelligence

The Aparavi Platform has 140+ automated classification policies to help you identify and evaluate unstructured data with ease. You can also rapidly build custom policies to meet your business requirements with the drag-and-drop feature removing human error and dramatically reduce the time to comply.

  • Discover intellectual property, classified files, and proprietary information.
  • Reduce data risk by identifying high-risk data types, like personal or sensitive data, and control the access.
  • Eliminate redundant, obsolete, or trivial (ROT) data and decrease data storage and migration costs by 30-40%.

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Automate Data Migration, Retention & Removal

Once data is discovered and classified, you can take action by consolidating infrastructure, eliminating duplicate data, moving inactive data to lower-cost storage.

  • Optimize storage locations and access archived data with no egress fees on your cloud agnostic platform
  • Reduce storage costs by 30-40% by moving, archiving, and purging data at the source

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