Mergers & Acquisitions:

Accelerate Data Discovery & Integration

Aparavi simplifies the process of Due Diligence and Data Management— before, during and after mergers and acquisitions (M&A) dealswith Data Intelligence and Automation​. 

Simplify Mergers & Acquisitions with Aparavi

Aparavi makes it easy for corporations, consulting, venture capital (VC) or private equity (PE) firms to simplify due diligence and data management, prevent data leakage, reduce administrative burden, create economies of scale and accelerate data migration and integration.

Platform Capabilities for Mergers & Acquisitions

Discover data & automate classification

Eliminate Data Silos with One Simple Interface

In the event of a merger, it is important to locate all data that is potentially relevant and falls within the scope of the agreement. Unfortunately, sellers can’t disclose what they do not know, and locating data across an organization can be challenging when data is siloed and 80% of all corporate data is unstructured.

  • Search multiple data repositories in one simple user interface, regardless of storage location (core, cloud, or edge), significantly reducing the amount of time spent searching multiple locations one-by-one
  • Leverage data intelligence for business insights and new revenue streams
Classification policies

Audit Data with Intelligence

The Aparavi Platform has 140+ pre-defined classification policies to help you identify and evaluate unstructured data with ease. You can also rapidly build custom policies to meet organization-specific requirements using the Aparavi drag-and-drop visual editor with pre-defined smart policy elements, like data age, user, classification, and file type.  This removes human error and dramatically reduces time to comply by making it easy to find the right data, wherever it lives, and act.

  • Discover intellectual property, classified files or other proprietary information outside the scope of the agreement to withhold
  • Reduce data risk by identifying high-risk data types like personal or sensitive information, and controlling access
  • Eliminate ROT (redundant, obsolete or trivial) data to decrease data storage and migration costs by 30-40%
Reveal Hidden Data

Automate the Migration, Retention or Removal of Data

Once data is classified, you can take action on your data by consolidating infrastructure, eliminating duplicate data, and purging and removing inactive data to lower-cost storage. Combining Aparavi’s smart classification policies with automation tools reduces the risk of unintentional information exposure that can lead to legal and financial consequences.

  • Optimize storage locations and access archived data with no egress fees on our cloud agnostic platform
  • Reduce storage costs by 30-40% by moving, archiving, or purging data at the source

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