Intelligent Data Tools For State and Local Government

Know Your Data: Aparavi gives cost-sensitive state and local government agencies the tools to reduce data risk, cut costs, and reduce complexity
Minimize Risk, Cut Costs, and Accelerate Cloud Migration.
State & local government agencies struggle to know their data, due to limited resources, sprawling aging infrastructure, petabytes of data, and massive data silos. Aparavi helps government agencies know their data, with instant visibility into their data ecosystem, to confidently minimize cybersecurity risks, reduce data costs, and accelerate cloud migration initiatives.

Minimize Data Risk and Uncertainty

State and Local Government agencies often struggle to manage their unstructured data, sometimes even  just sticking it all in in a big file server and with plans to get to it someday. But cybersecurity or privacy compliance risks don’t wait for someday.

Aparavi helps state & local agencies understand their data risks and identify threats to prevent attacks, minimize data leakage, simplify compliance and control data assets.​

  • Quickly identify data risks and threats and protect assets from overexposure​
  • Discover Privacy data, CJIS, HIPPA, PII, classified files or other business sensitive data to ensure proper access and security​
  • Quickly respond to public records/FOIA requests and easily locate personal, sensitive and confidential information

Accelerate Cloud Migration

Blindly migrating data doesn’t make sense, when you consider that up to 50%* of your data might not be worth keeping. Successful data migration projects don’t waste time or money migrating trash data. They use appropriate precautions with risky data. And they set you up for success with new projects post-migration. Aparavi gives you the instant visibility into your data ecosystem required for data migration success.​

  • Automated data classification speeds data management to dramatically accelerate your data migration project ​
  • Data Migrations budgets and schedules are generally driven by data volume – cut the data volume by 50% to crush your schedule and your budget.​
  • Aparavi can help you track down the redundant, obsolete/outdated and trivial (ROT) data within your data migration target, ensuring only valid, useful data moves on to the new home.

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Reduce Data Complexity Without Breaking Your Budget

How much does data chaos cost government agencies in unnecessary storage, incomplete insights and reduced productivity? Knowing data state, content, placement, and availability enables agencies to ensure information continuity, reduce complexity, and cut expenses. ​

  • Unite multiple data sources in easy-to-use centralized searchable dashboards ​
  • Quickly and easily classify data archives without massive manual efforts or major budget approval cycles​
    Improved data orchestration and automation reduces redundant data – reducing costs and improving insights​
  • Label data for appropriate cloud storage tier to maintain cost while ensuring data availability