We recently conducted a survey to ask IT Professionals what they were seeing in the growth of unstructured data and the challenges associated there.  We received hundreds of responses in an incredibly short time and while I encourage you to get the Infographic, here are a few snippets of what we found:

  • Almost 40 percent reported their unstructured data – documents and other office files, images, videos, and other files not in a structured database – is growing at least 25 percent each year, and another 12 percent said growth is more than 50 percent yearly.
  • More than 50 percent said long-term retention is their biggest backup challenge, with 41 percent reporting that ready access to archive data was their issue in long-term data retention.

We asked what they needed most to help solve these problems and heard:

  • “Intelligent retrieval wherever the data is” was named first or second by 39 percent
  • Support for both on-premises and cloud ranked first or second by 38 percent.

Clearly the need for an Active Archive that provides for the long-term retention of unstructured data, with the intelligence to store, manage, retrieve, and prune cost-effectively is a critical IT need!